Desde ICZ nos presentan una nueva edición de la beca de conservación.

Agradecemos un año más la esponsorización de dicha beca a Fundació Lluís Coromina .

Os incluimos las bases a continuación.

ICZ Keeper Conservation Grant

The ICZ is proud to offer a grant for conservation projects up to the value of $1,000 USD. The grant is sponsored by Fundació Lluís Coromina.
The grant covers work to protect wildlife & their habitat.
Grant recipients will be required to write a short article on the project & how the funds were spent for the ICZ newsletter, “Keeper Notes”.

To apply please provide the following information:
1) General title of the project.
2) Location, including country.
3) Short description of the project in English (approx. 500 words)
4) Contact person’s name, position/role, phone, email, address, & CV attached. 
5) How is the project currently funded?
6) Amount requested (please provide an itemized budget). 
7) Is the project part of a recognized recovery project – please give details
References (2) required. Preferably from a government organization in the area. Please provide name, position, email & phone.
9) Is there any keeper involvement either through volunteer work or fundraising? (within the country and / or from abroad).
10) Explain how the grant may benefit the community through education (if applicable).

ICZ Keeper Conservation Grant Guidelines

  • Applications accepted from the 1st of September- 31th of December annually.
    • The ICZ Conservation Committee will then review the applications based on who is most able to make best use of the funds. In the instance of a tie, the final decision will be up to the ICZ Steering Committee Members.
    • Grant Recipient will be announced on the 1st of February.
    • The Conservation Committee will evaluate all the applications and will take in consideration the idea of supporting projects in the different continents, as part of the same global vision as it organizes the international Congresses in all of them.
    • For the same vision, we will try to award conservation applications which represent the big variety in animal groups (mammal, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes & invertebrates).
    • Applications where the animals are distressed or mistreated will NOT be accepted.
    • It is desirable that the project works with the local government and / or NGO’s as a measurement of the implication in the local and sustainable development.
    • It is desirable that the project application gives great importance to the keeper’s implication in that project.
    • It is desirable that the grant benefits the community through education & local economy.
    • It is desirable that the project will persist after the Conservation Grant is finished.
    • We will considerate the level of threat for the species focused (IUCN Red List Categories and CITES appendix) and also the level of threat for the habitat & the local community.
    • We will assess whether the objectives and methods are effective and realistic, and the clarity of the project explanation.
    • The level of preparation & the staff possibilities.
    • Adequacy of the budget in relation to the objectives.
    • Plan of dissemination about the project & its future results (press releases, social media, websites, etc.)

Within a period of three months after the end of the financial support, the project must send a report containing; technical statement, invoices, description of the objectives achieved and a description of objectives in the future.

lease email the application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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La Asociación

La Asociación Ibérica de Cuidadores de Animales Salvajes (AICAS) nació en el año 2000 con el objetivo principal de englobar a todas las personas implicadas en el cuidado y manejo de fauna salvaje; es decir, personal laboral perteneciente a parques zoológicos, acuarios, centros de recuperación y reintroducción de fauna, reservas y parques naturales. Así mismo, está abierta a todas aquellas personas que tengan una vinculación directa o indirecta con la fauna salvaje.

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